Triceratium junctum, unknown mounter

Triceratium junctum

A slide from St Laurent, France. No name for the species but I think this is Triceratium junctum. Single example on the slide. No name for the slide maker. Mounted in Styrax, and dated 7/?/[19]46. Olympus BHB microscope using 450nm LED light. 63x Leitz Pl Apo NA 1.40 objective, oil immersion. Olympus Aplanat Achromat condenser, oil immersion, slightly oblique lighting. 2.5x Nikon CF PL photoeyepiece. Monochrome converted Nikon d850 camera. 27 images stacked in Zerene (Pmax). Sample was mounted quite deeply, and it was only just possible to capture all the images for the stack with the 63x objective before contacting the coverslip (could also have been a thicker than normal coverslip).