Four Type Slides, Samuel Henry Meakin

Samuel Henry Meakin, Type Slide 1
Samuel Henry Meakin, Type Slide 2
Samuel Henry Meakin, Type Slide 3
Samuel Henry Meakin, Type Slide 4
Samuel Henry Meakin, Type Slide 1 list
Samuel Henry Meakin, Type Slides 2, 3 and 4 lists

A set of four type slides prepared by Samuel Henry Meakin. Mounted in Styrax and dated May and June 1922.

Olympus BHB microscope using 450nm LED light. 10x Nikon Plan Apo NA 0.45 objective. Olympus Aplanat Achromat condenser, brightfield lighting. 2.5x Nikon CF PL photoeyepiece. Monochrome converted Nikon d850 camera. Images stacks prepared in Zerene (Pmax).

Also with the original handwritten notes which I have listed below (I’ve kept contractions from the original notes, and keep in mind some species will now have updated names).

Type Slide 1

Top row

1. Hyalodiscus laevis Ehr. + Actinoptychus heliopelta Grun. (one on top of the other).

2. Triceratium grande. Brightwell.

3. Coscinodiscus sp.

4. Aulacodiscus affinis Grun.

5. Navicula sp.

6. Arachnoidiscus ehrenbergii Ralfs.

7. Stictodiscus hardmanianus Grev.

8. Cymbella gastroides Kütz.

Middle row

9. Actinoptychus heliopelta Grun.

10. Triceratium arcticum Bright.

11. Triceratium arcticum Bright. forma quadrata.

12. Actinoptychus vulgaris Schum.

13. Navicula nobilis Ehr. var. dactylus.

14. Navicula tumescens Grun.

15. Trinacria regina Heib.

16. Actinocyclus ellipticus Ehr.

17. Triceratium sp.

Bottom row

18. Surirella sp.

19. Actinoptychus heliopelta Grun. (outer ring missing).

20. Pinnularia sp.

21. Arachnoidiscus ornatus Ehr.

22. Triceratium favus Ehr.

23. Stephanopyxis sp.

24. Actinoptychus heliopelta Grun.

25. Navicula crabro Ehr.

Type Slide 2

1. Auliscus pruinosus Bailey.

2. Triceratium sp.

3. Actinoptychus boliviensis Janisch.

4. Navicula praetexta Ehr.

5. (Navicula) Diploneis crabro Ehr.

6. Coscinodiscus spiniferus Gr. & St.

7. No name given. Stephanogonia sp. (maybe S. danica).

Type Slide 3

1. Cymbella gastroides Kütz.

2. Pinnularia sp.

3. Pinnularia sp.

4. Cymbella ehrenbergii Kütz.

5. Surirella nobilis W.Sm.

6. Stauroneis phoenicenteron Ehr.

7. Eunotia pectinalis (Kütz) Rab.

8. Navicula iridis Ehr. var. amphigomphus.

9. Epithemia turgida (Ehr.) Kütz.

Type Slide 4

1. Arachnoidiscus ehrenbergii Ralfs.

2. Navicula californica Grev.

3. Actinoptychus vulgaris Schum.

4. Surirella fastuosa Ehr.

5. Orthoneis splendida (Greg.) Grun.

6. Navicula crabro Ehr.

7. Stictodiscus californicus Grev.

8. Auliscus hardmanianus Grev.