Dennigh gravel arrangement, Northern Biological Supplies

Denbigh gravel
Denbigh gravel, species list

An arrangement of diatoms from Denbigh gravel. Prepared by Northern Biological Supplies. Mounted in Clearax. Degradation / crystallization of the mountant. The slide came with what is presumably the original species list from NBS. I’ve listed these below, and included new names in brackets, where I know they have changed.

Top line (left to right);

1. Pinnularia brebissonii

2. Pleurosigma kutzingii (Gyrosigma kutzingii)

3. Navicula radiosa

4. Nitzschia angustata

5. Pinnularia subcapitata

Bottom line (left to right);

1. Navicula amphibola (or gastrum). N. amphibola now known as Placoneis amphibola. N. gastrum as Placoneis gastrum.

2. Pleurosigma attenuatum (Gyrosigma attenuatum)

3. Cymatopleura solea

4. Navicula amphisbaena (Caloneis amphisbaena)

5. Nitzschia tryblionella var.

6. Nitzschia sp.

7. Mastogloia sp. (top plate)

8. Navicula sp.

9. Nitzschia sigmoidea

Olympus BHB microscope using 450nm LED light. 20x Nikon Plan Apo NA 0.65 objective. Olympus Aplanat Achromat condenser, oblique lighting. 2.5x Nikon CF PL photoeyepiece. Monochrome converted Nikon d850 camera. 11 images stacked in Zerene (Pmax).